- Setting up a Beauty Saloon
- Food Vending
- Setting Up Video Theatre
- Establishing Away Side Restaurant
- Setting Up a Bar
- Video Filming

Printing and Stationery
- Block screen/ printing on clothes

Pharmaceuticals and Health
- Garbage Collection
- Fumigation Services

- Making School Bags
- Making Low-dust Chalk
- Establishing a Day Care

- Making Sealing Wax

Communication and Infrastructure
- Establishing A Business Call Centre
- Setting Up An Internet Café

Fabrication and Repairs
- Servicing Motor Vehicles

Trade and Commerce
- Mobile Fuel Distribution
- Decoration Of Ceramic Ware
- Office And Floor Cleaning Services
- Roof Cleaning Services
- Establishing a Metal Workshop
- Mobile Food Vending
- Providing Refrigeration Service
- Shoe Repairing
- Car Washing
- Dog Breeding (German Shepherds)
- Establishing a Green – Grocery

Window Cleaning Services
- Window Cleaning Services

Event Management
- A Tent House

- Establishing a Camp Site

Dry Cleaner Services
- Dry Cleaner Services

Making Plastic Bottle Caps

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